IMF Corporation

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■ Specified Worker Dispatching Undertakings

   (License No. Special 13-314604)

■ General Construction License,

   Tokyo Metropolitan Governor

   (License No. General-25 140616)

Company Profile

• Company Name: IMF Corporation

• Established: October 1992

• Address:  6F, Ginza Daiei Bldg. 1-16-7 Ginza,

  Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061



• Contact Details:

  Tel: 03 (4360) 8610 (Main switchboard)

  Fax: 03 (4243) 3541

• Capital: JPY50,000,000.-

• Corporate director: Tetsuya Matsuda, Chief

  Executive Officer

• URL:

• External Partner: IBI AMERICA, Inc.

  (A business consulting firm in Las Vegas, U.S.)

• Banks:  Kyobashi Branch, Bank of

               Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

               Ginza Branch, Johnan Shinkin Bank


Enterprises are daily faced with challenges that require a prompt response.

Some examples may be:

“We want to run a surprise campaign at a domestic/overseas event,”

“We want to conduct a seminar at a location that is rather surprising to the participants,” and

“We want to produce extraordinary, made-to-order, novelty goods.”

IMF’s fundamental policy is:  Never say “No.”

IMF will do everything to support the customer until a satisfactory solution to their issue is found.

We are good at solving problems.


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